Thank You Lerwick

25 July 2011

Thank You Lerwick

The Tall Ships Races 2011, presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International heads to Norway today as Race Two gets underway from Lerwick to Stavanger.

Lerwick has been host to nearly 500 trainees and crews from Norway who all congregated yesterday on Norwegian Class A vessel, Statsraad Lehmkul, as part of a private service held to commemorate those who have been directly affected by recent tragic events.

Event Chairman of The Tall Ships Races 2011, Knut Western from Fredrikstad, Norway, attended the ceremony on behalf of Sail Training International.  He commented:

“It was an emotional atmosphere and some of the young people were deeply moved as they mourned for friends and family.  It was naturally a very sombre occasion but everyone on board appreciated that the Captain of Statsraad Lehmkuhl  thought to bring us together.  Trainees gathered to sign a remembrance book and flowers were received from Lerwick.  All Norwegian’s have been very grateful for the support offered by the people of Lerwick who have demonstrated extreme kindness at a difficult time for all.”

The Statsraad Lehmkhul was the final Tall Ship to leave Lerwick today in the Parade of Sail.  The fleet will all fly their flags at half-mast upon arrival in Stavanger where the event will continue as planned.

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