New Time Limit for Race

03 August 2011

New Time Limit for Race
Due to the variable headwinds that the fleet has experienced since the start of the race, the Race Committee has decided to bring the Time Limit forward today (Wednesday 3 August) to:

12:00 UTC Class A
12:30 UTC Class B
12:45 UTC Class C
13:00 UTC Class D

This should give all vessels sufficient time to get to Halmstad by the official deadline of 12:00 local time on Friday 5 August.

Vessels not making the finish line by this time will still be eligible for a result due to Sail Training International's unique Finish at Sea formula. They simply record their exact position at sea at the time limit and the race software calculates their theoretical time they would have crossed the finish line using the following four factors:

1. Corrected Time
2. Elapsed Time (actual time)
3. Course distance
4. Distance vessel has to the Finish Line

You can continue to follow the fleet using the race tracking and can view the official placings on the leaderboard.

The Tall Ships Races are presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International.
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