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Jobs with Tall Ships

Career opportunities at sea and on land

Advertisements for jobs available via this page are free of charge but will only be accepted from sail training organisations and vessel operators that are members of their national sail training organisation or the Sail Training International Class A Tall Ships Forum. Download submission forms are below.

Volunteer / Paid Positions Available
Position Vessel Organisation Location Closing Date Details
Head of Marketing N/A Sail Training International Gosport,UK 26/03/2018 Download
Commercial Director N/A Sail Training International Gosport,UK 19/03/2018 Download
Chief Officer (Volunteer) Atyla Atyla Ship Foundation Europe 15/04/2018 Download
Cook STV Leader Trinity Sailing Brixham, Devon 14/03/2018 Download
Mate S/Y Argo and S/Y Ocean Star Sea|mester Programs Caribbean- Mediterranean 01/05/2018 Download
Voluntary Crew – General Purpose Hand STV Windeward Bound The Windeward Bound Trust Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Download
Relief Master Tenacious/Lord Nelson Jubilee Sailing Trust Worldwide Download
Mates/Engineer/Lead Seaman Picton Castle Windward Isles Sailing Ship Company Canada Download
Bosun Lord Nelson & Tenacious Jubilee Sailing Trust Worldwide Download
Refit Volunteers Prolific Ocean Youth Trust Scotland Southampton Download
Captain/Master TS Playfair & STV Pathfinder Toronto Brigatine Inc. Canada Download
Chief Mate Picton Castle Windward Isle Sailing Ship Company Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada Download
Engineer Picton Castle Windward Isle Sailing Ship Company Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada Download
Able Seaman Kapitan Borchardt Sklodowscy Yachting Worldwide Download
Positions Sought
Name Position Location Posting Date Details
Salvador Pina Roca Deck Officer Worldwide 14/06/2017 Download
Kinga Osovå Deckhand Europe 03/02/2018 Download
Christopher Wren Captain Worldwide 03/02/2018 Download
Warren Caldwell Master/Mate Worldwide 25/01/2018 Download
Marielle Bernebeu Deckhand Worldwide 08/01/2018 Download
Teurquetil Deckhand Worldwide 08/01/2018 Download
Elizabeth Jenkins Licensed Mate/Licensed Engineer Worldwide 11/12/2017 Download
Anousch Vallaeys Mate Worldwide 27/11/2017 Download
Arthur Bouet Deckhand/Mate Worldwide 08/11/2017 Download
Lisa McDowell Deckhand/Volunteer Crew Worldwide 23/10/2017 Download
Krystian Zablelski Deck/Engineer Europe/Atlantic 11/07/2017 Download

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