Safety Management System Template

The Safety Management System Template and its supporting parts have been produced by Canadian Maritime Group and Rood Boven Groen as a gift to Sail Training International and the wider sail training community.

This template may be used by registered users only and may not be shared in whole or in part without the express written permission of its authors.

Like all safety management systems (SMS) this template should be considered a “living” document. It is intended to be modified by the registered user at implementation. It should also be reviewed on a regular basis and modified to reflect changes in vessel operations and learned improvements in the use of the SMS itself.

In an effort to continually improve this template it is an OBLIGATION of all users to provide feedback through Sail Training International of changes that the vessel operator has found practical to make.

Operators using this SMS may wish to implement a method for tracking SMS related tasks, creating an audit trail and organizing planned maintenance.
Sail Training International has developed an SMS supporting interactive calendar program that uses the Outlook Calendar platform.

Sail training operators can acquire a security dongle and the related calendar software at a price of GBP 100 (GBP 50 per additional vessel). Commercial operators may acquire the SMS and Calendar for a price of GBP 1500. Each come with a two year license

The following SMS examples might also offer some useful guidance: