Jobs on Tall Ships

Advertisements for jobs available via this page are free of charge but will only be accepted from sail training organisations and vessel operators that are members of their national sail training organisation or the Sail Training International Class A Tall Ships Forum. Download submission forms below.

02 December 2013
Paid/Volunteer Position Submission Form

Volunteer/Paid Positions Available
 Position  Vessel  Organisation  Location 
 First Mate SSV Oliver Hazard Perry   Oliver Hazard Perry Rhode Island   Newport, RI (New England) USA Until filled  Click here 
 Engineer  SSV Oliver Hazard Perry   Oliver Hazard Perry Rhode Island Newport, RI (New England) USA  Until filled  Click here 
 2nd Officer  Gulden Leeuw  VOF P&T Charters – Gulden Leeuw N/A  Until filled  Click here 
 Captain  Spirit of Bermuda  Bermuda Sloop Foundation Bermuda   Until Filled Click here 
Teacher Secondment   Alba Venturer, Alba Explorer, Alba Endeavour, Alba Volunteer Ocean Youth Trust Scotland   Greenock, Scotland  Until Filled Click here 
Seasonal Yacht Mate  TS Vigilant and TS City Liveryman  Marine Society & Sea Cadets (MSSC)   Gosport Until Filled   Click here
 Various  Tiare Taporo  Pacific Schooners Ltd Rarotonga, Cook Islands, South Pacific  Until Filled   Click here
 Bosun TS Royalist   Marine Society & Sea Cadets (MSSC)  Gosport Until Filled   Click here
 Cook TS Royalist   Marine Society & Sea Cadets (MSSC)  Gosport  Until Filled   Click here
1st Mate    James Cook   Ocean Youth Trust North  Northern England  Until Filled Click here 
 Programme Officer Spirit of Bermuda   Bermuda Sloop Foundation  Bermuda September 17th 2014  Click here 
 Core Team Refit Volunteers John Laing  Ocean Youth Trust South  Hamble/Southampton  Until filled  Click here 
Mate  S/Y Argo and S/Y Ocean Star  Sea|mester Programs  Global  Until filled Click here 
 Maritime Artisans Manager  Mayflower II Plimoth Plantation, Inc.  Plymouth, Massachusetts  August 31st Click here 
First Officer
 Royal Albatross
Tall Ship Adventures Pte Ltd
 Singapore  Until filled
Click here


Picton Castle
Windward Isles Sailing Ship Company Ltd.  Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
 Until filled
Click here

First Mate

Ocean Spirit of Moray

Gordonstoun School

Scotland West Coast




 Volunteer 3rd Officer
SV Tenacious  Jubilee Sailing Trust Ltd

Click here
Medical Purser
SV Tenacious & STS Lord Nelson 

Jubilee Sailing Trust Ltd


Until filled



 Medical Officer

Picton Castle


Windward Isles Sailing Ship Company Ltd.


Until filled 

Click here

Volunteer/Paid Positions Sought
Name  Position  Location  Posting Date  Details 
 Ian Colborn  Deck crew/Motorman  Any  24/11/2014  Click here
Louis Imbe   Crew/Deckhand Any  3/11/2014  Click here 
Lukasz Krason   Deckhand/Mate/Skipper  Any 3/11/2014  Click here 
 Antonio Sie  Engineer/Deckhand  Any 3/11/2014  Click here 
 Andrew Gerrith Borrett  Captain  Any  22/10/2014  Click here
Anna D’Jernes   Deckhand Any  17/10/2014  Click here 
 Norma Jansson Deckhand   Any  18/09/2014 Click here 
 Cary Gavin Deckhand  Any   11/09/2014 Click here 
Torsti Suonio   Mate/Deck Officer Any   11/09/2014  Click here
Fraser Parker  Deck Officer   Any 02/09/2014   Click here
 Pedro Suasi
 Cadet Any  21/08/14  Click here 
 Alfie Page  Deckhand/Skipper ship scheme  Any 01/07/14  Click here 
Oliver Wickham   Deckhand/Engineer  Any 16/06/2014   Click here
Pina Victor  Kitchen staff   Any 12/06/2014  Click here
Filippo Fusi   Deckhand Any   6/06/2014  Click here
 Olivier Haemhouts Deckhand/Apprentice Mate   Any  27/05/2014  Click here
Leanna Johnson   Deckhand or Dishwasher Any  April 22, 2014  Click here 
 Alex Manau Cabezali
 Deckhand Mediterranean
 13 September 2013  Click here
 Thomas James Stevenson  Deckhand  Any  01 July 2013  Click here
 Wouter Zwart Deckhand/Medical Person in Charge

 Any 02 December 2013
 Click here
Luke Gaffney  Cook
 Any 02 December 2013
Click here
 Bo Nordman Mate/ deck officer

02 December 2013

Click here
Gerald Webb  Engineer
 Any 02 December 2013

Click here

Martyn Priest
Deckhand, Bosun, 2nd Mate
06 January 2014
Click here
Peter Renshaw  Skipper, Mate, 2nd Mate, deck officer, Bosun
23 January 2014
Click here
 Richard Fryer Engineer, Captain, Mate
27 January 2014
Click here
 Emma Kelly Deckhand or mate
31 January 2014
Click here
Felix Mumberg 

Able bodied Seaman, OS, Bosun´s Mate


07 February 2014

Click here

 Mohammad Tanvir Biswas

Deck cadet

Europe, Australia, America, Middle East

05 March 2014

Click here
 Daniel Dalicsek Seaman

05 March 2014

 Click here
 Sarah Madden
 Any 27 March 2014
 Click Here