Jobs on Tall Ships

Advertisements for jobs available via this page are free of charge but will only be accepted from sail training organisations and vessel operators that are members of their national sail training organisation or the Sail Training International Class A Tall Ships Forum. Download submission forms below.

Paid/Volunteer Position Submission Form
Volunteer/Paid Positions Available
 Position  Vessel  Organisation  Location 
 Kapitan Borchardt
Sklodowscy Yachting
 Until filled
Click here
 Skipper Kapitan Borchardt

Sklodowscy Yachting

Until Filled
Click here
 Chief Mate
Picton Castle
 Windward Isles Sailing Ship Company
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
 Until filled
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Picton Castle
Windward Isle Sailing Ship Company
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
 Until filled
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 Volunteer hand Excelsior  The Excelsior Trust  UK  October 2016   Click here
Voluntary Crew – General Purpose Hand  STV Windeward Bound   The Windeward Bound Trust  Hobart, Tasmania, Australia  Until filled Click here 
 Chief Officer Stavros S Niarchos   Tall Ships Youth Trust UK   29th February   Click here
 Chief Engineer Lord Nelson & Tenacious   Jubilee Sailing Trust Worldwide  Until Filled  Click here 
Able Seaman  Kapitan Borchardt  Sklodowscy Yachting  Worldwide Until filled  Click here 
 Mate  S/Y Argo and S/Y Ocean Star Sea|mester Programs   Globbal Until filled  Click here 
 Captain Eye of the Wind  Forum train & sail GmbH  Worldwide  Until filled  Click here 
 Captain Leeuwin II   Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation  Fremantle – Western Australia  Until filled  Click here 

Volunteer/Paid Positions Sought
Name  Position  Location  Posting Date  Details 
 Jordan Gallemore
 25/04/2016 Click here
 Emma Kleinschnitz
Click here 
 Gerrith Borrett  Captain  UK and Europe  18/02/2016  Click here
 Arnold Timmer  Chief Mate  Worldwide 16/02/2016  Click here 
 Clayton Topkin  Bosun, Deckhand, Sail Instructor Worldwide  16/02/2016   Click here
 Christian Rolli  1st Mate/2nd Mate/Deck Officer/ETO Worldwide   06/01/2016 Click here 
 Rupert Hallawell  1st Mate Worldwide   06/01/2016 Click here 
 João Miguel Gonçalves Fernandes  3rd mate/2ndmate World Wide   16/12/2015 Click here 
 Marc Mason  Ships cook  Any 23/11/2015  Click here 
 Novkovic Svetozar Skipper/mate/bosun    Worldwide  26/10/2015 Click here 
Michael Berdt
Engineer, Deckhand
 05/10/2015  Click here
 Evangelia Petraki  Cook, Assistant Cook  Northern Europe, Mediterranean 26/05/2015  Click here 
 Sarah Seski Deckhand, crew, cook  Anywhere   26/05/2015 Click here 
Lorenzo Bombelli    Deckhand, crew, cook   Anywhere   26/05/2015 Click here 
 Cassandra Mead  3rd Officer or 2nd Officer Anywhere   27/04/2015  Click here
 Nick Carter Doctor/crew   Anywhere  21/04/2015  Click here
 Susana S. Ferreira Deckhand, crew   Transatlantic voyage  02/04/2015 Click here 
 Christopher Wren Captain  Anywhere   16/03/2015 Click here 
 Bruce Pooley  Engineer UK, Northern Europe, Med   11/02/2015 Click here