Sail Training International Ships Council

Background & Membership of Sail Training International Ships Council (STISC)
The Tall Ships Forum (TSF) and Small Ships Forum (SSF) are advisory groups within Sail Training International that report to the Trustees, the International Council and Members on matters arising from regulatory, operational, financial and programmatic issues.  The scope of work for these two bodies is established jointly by the Forums (STISC) and the Trustees, reflecting the mandate above and, generally, matters that relate to, and support, sail training.

Membership in STISC is open to all mono-hull sailing vessels (with a length waterline of over 9.14m/30ft) that undertake some sail training for young people, and comply with all legal and relevant regulations and manning requirements laid down by their flag state/national authority and are owned and operated by charities, foundations, Governments or commercial organisations. Members will be required to complete an application form declaring that they meet these criteria.  [Please note that the Membership Application Form will to be posted here in April]

Tall Ships Forum (formerly CATSF): will address the specific needs of vessels subject to the regulatory provisions of STCW/SOLAS (or military vessels). Existing members of CATSF will automatically be enrolled as TSF Members, unless membership in the SSF is the preferred option.
Small Ships Forum: will address the specific needs of vessels neither required by law nor voluntarily subscribing to STCW / SOLAS regulatory provisions. Members login details to be announced.


The Tall Ships Forum and Small Ships Forum will each have an Executive Committee consisting of a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Working Group Coordinator (or second Vice Chairman).
The STISC will have a chairman who will be nominated in April. The appointed Chairmen of TSF and SSF will become de facto members of the STISC ExComm.


The first meeting of the STISC will be held in Southampton, UK on Thursday 10 April 2014. The two Executive Committees will attend. There will also be a general meeting for Tall Ships Forum members. Further details to be announced during the first week of February.

The next schedule of meetings will precede the annual International Sail Training and Tall Ships Conference on Thursday 13 November 2014. Further details to be announced during the first week of February.

Who can attend?

•    A captain, or senior serving officer, of a member vessel and/or a senior member of staff or trustee/director of the vessel operator.

•    No more than two representatives per vessel.

•    Others ONLY by invitation of the relevant chairman. 

Please email Paul Bishop, Secretary of STISC for more information: