Ten Across the Finish Line

17 August 2012

Ten Across the Finish Line

Following Cuauhtemoc's (Mexico) triumphant crossing of the finish line this morning, Class C Spaniel (Latvia) and Class D Tomidi (Belgium) and Gigi (UK) also crossed the line today in top three positions. As with the Class A's these vessels all finished on corrected time, but these results are provisional and might change.  Ten vessels have now finished the race.

Winds decreased as predicted and are forecast to continue easing over the race course which should favour those vessels that started at the beginning of the start window.

Paul Bishop, Race Director said, "The first yacht to cross the finish line was the ex Whitbread maxi round the world yacht  Tomidi of Belgium which sailed the race course in one day 16 hours four mins and 32 seconds at an impressive average speed of 8.05 knots. But this race, with the very strong following winds was ideal for the large Class A ships that were able to benefit from their longer waterlines and great acres of sail area.

"The fastest to complete the race course was Cuauthemoc in two days one hour 27 mins and nine seconds at an amazing average speed of 10.43 knots.”

The current race positions on corrected time are:

Class A
1st: Cuauhtemoc  (Mexico) FINISHED

2nd: Alexander Von Humboldt II (Germany) FINISHED

3rd: Fryderyk Chopin (Poland) FINISHED

Class B

1st: Kapitan Borchard (Poland)

2nd: Johanna Lucretia (UK)

3rd: Maybe (UK)

Class C
1st: St Iv (Estonia)

2nd: Dar Szczecina (Poland)

3rd: Spaniel (Latvia) FINISHED
Class D
1st: Akela (Russia)

2nd: Tomidi (Belgium) FINSHED

3rd: Lietuva (Lithuania) FINISHED

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The Tall Ships Races 2012, Presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International is taking place in the following host ports: 

St Malo - Thursday 5 to Sunday 8 July (race start Monday 9 July)
- Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 July
Cadiz - Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 July
A Coruña - Friday 10 to Monday 13 August
Dublin - Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 August

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