Sports prizes awarded at crew party

20 August 2011

Sports prizes awarded at crew party

The crew party took place yesterday evening in an old dockside warehouse that had been transformed into a nightclub for the event.  Crew members enjoyed eating, socialising, dancing and generally being merry while an impressive storm raged outside. 

One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of the sports prizes, which were awarded as follows:

Beach Volleyball

1st Dar Mlodziezy (Poland)

2nd  Mir (Russia)

3rd Kruzenschtern (Russia)

Beach Rugby (pictured)

1st Dar Mlodziezy (Poland)

2nd Mir (Russia)

3rd Kruzenschtern (Russia)

Beach Football

1st Mir (1) (Russia)

2nd Mir (2) (Russia)

3rd Kruzenschtern (Russia)

Arm wrestling


1st Linda Marte Ormus

2nd Gintare Detrauskaite

3rd Ewelina Pieczkolan

Men under 80kg

1st Nikolai Dobroslavin

2nd Kamil Thrun

3rd  Vicelav Bajarskij

Men over 80kg

1st Nikodem Skrobol

2nd  Marius Hannusch

3rd Maksim Abramov

This afternoon the captains briefing will take place, where they will be given all of the final race information in readiness for their departure tomorrow. 

The Culture 2011 Tall Ships regatta is organised by Sail Training International

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