Ships galore in Risor!

27 July 2010

Ships galore in Risor!

It has been a busy morning in the Norwegian port of Risor as Christian Radich (Norway), Tenacious (UK) and later Eendracht (Netherlands) joined Wylde Swan (Netherlands), Urania (Netherlands) and Maybe (UK) in the small harbour town.  

As the three latest ships to arrive motored into the harbour the original three ships moved out into the bay area to make space for the new arrivals, before all rafting up together, quite a spectacle for the many onlookers on the quayside and in the fleet of small boats and dinghies.  

Urania have claimed victory against Maybe in the race between the two from Aalborg to Risor, having managed to sail continuously despite the wind dropping significantly in the final stages.  

The crews of all six vessels are planning a barbeque this evening on board Christian Radich, a great chance to meet trainees from the other ships and to exchange stories.

Pic:  Victorious Urania crew

To view the final results of the first race and full prize list, click here.  To see more images from The Tall Ships Races, click here.

The Tall Ships Races, presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International.

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