SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2016 Sochi: The Fleet Makes a Grand Entrance

21 September 2016

SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2016 Sochi: The Fleet Makes a Grand Entrance

The international fleet of Tall and Small Ships has arrived in Russia’s largest resort city Sochi – the third and penultimate port of the SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2016.

After the early thunderstorms cleared, festivities kicked off in the port earlier today (Wednesday 21 September)… which has welcomed trainees, cadets, crew members and visitors with open arms and spirited celebrations.

The vessels have just completed Race 2 of the SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2016 from Novorossisyk to Sochi, and they represent five different flag states – Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Poland, and Vanuatu. We’re expecting 1,000 trainees and professional crew members to join in the festivities.

Akela (Russia) arrived in Sochi first overnight last night, fresh from her first place finish in Race 1. She was then followed by the rest of the fleet, which moored up alongside in Sochi Grand Marina.

Race Results

We’re currently waiting for confirmation of the results of Race 2, which we’ll post later today. Keep checking back.

Welcome to Sochi

The atmosphere in Sochi is electric… and not just because of the storms. The city is pulsing with a feeling of excitement and anticipation, ahead of the next four days which are packed full of activities and events.

This is only the second time that the SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta has taken place (the last time was in 2014). And, it’s the first time that ships have raced between two Russian ports (Novorossisyk and Sochi)… so we’re expecting something pretty special.

The event coincides with celebrations for the Diamond Anniversary of the first Tall Ships Race in 1956 – Soviet and Russian Tall Ships have been participating since 1978. But that isn’t the only anniversary… Nadezhda (Russia) is celebrating her 25th anniversary and Kruzenshtern (Russia) is proud to commemorate her 90th!

Opening Ceremony

The port opened its gates to the public earlier today, ahead of the official Opening Ceremony at 13:00. A brass band provided a rousing ceremonial introduction to the speakers: the Mayor of Sochi, Anatoliy Pakhomov, STI Race Chairman, Robin Snouck Hurgronje, and Executive Vice-President of PAO Sovcomflot, Technical Director of SCF Group, Igor Tonkovidov. The ceremony provided a warm welcome to this beautiful city for the trainees, cadets, crews and spectators and kicked the event off in style.

“Today, we are back in Sochi with the Tall Ships fleet. Why are we coming back? The answer to this question is very simple. We know that the people in Sochi love the sea, love sailing ships, and love people.

“We have been organising the Tall Ships Races and Regattas for 60 years. And why do we do this? Because we want to bring, especially, young people together on board sailing ships because we strongly believe that this experience will make them better people.”

“We also want to bring people together from different countries, from different cultures, and from different backgrounds. Amongst the ships in the Tall Ships fleet, we have ships from Poland, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, and Russia here today. On board, there are crew members from 15 different nations. And this is how we bring out message of international friendship and mutual understanding.”

“On behalf of Sail Training International and the captains and crews of all the Tall Ships, I would like to thank the Mayor of Sochi for the great hospitality and the great contribution to the event… Mr Anatoliy Pakhomov.”

Robin Snouck Hurgronje, STI Race Chairman for the SCF Black Sea Tall Ship Regatta 2016.

What Crews and Visitors Can Expect

Over the next four days (Wednesday 21 September-Sunday 25 September), trainees and crew members will take part in a variety of cultural, sporting and creative activities in Sochi. These will take place alongside events and entertainment for the general public.


Here’s an example of the activities you can expect during the event:

Wednesday 21 September:

  • 14:00-21:00: Ships open to the public
  • 14:00-21:00: Crew activities in the Marine Village

Thursday 22 September:

  • 09:00-18:00: City excursions
  • 10:00-21:00: Ships open to the public
  • 10:00-22:00: Crew activities in the Marine Village
  • 19:00-21:00: Local bands on stage

Friday 23 September:

  • 09:00-15:00: Inter-ship crew sporting activities
  • 10:00-21:00: Ships open to the public
  • 20:00-22:00: Crew Party
  • 10:00-22:00: Crew activities in the Marine Village

Saturday 24 September:

  • 09:00-15:00: City excursions
  • 10:00-21:00: Ships open to the public
  • 10:00-22:00: Crew activities in the Marine Village
  • 16:00-1700: Crew Parade
  • 17:00: Prize Giving Ceremony
  • 19:00-21:00: Local bands on stage

Sunday 25 September:

  • 13:00-14:00: Parade of Sail
  • 17:00: Start of Race 3 to Varna, Bulgaria

About Sochi

Sochi is Russia’s largest city. It’s known as the pearl of the “Russian Riviera” and the “sports capital of the world.” It’s located approximately 2,400 km due south of Moscow and it stretches for 145 km along the shores of the Black Sea, near the Caucasus Mountains.

The city was founded in 1838 and now covers a total area of 3,502 square kilometres. It’s been proud to be a household name since 2014, when it hosted the Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix… and the Tall Ships fleet as part of the SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2014. It’s also set to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Sochi is an intriguing destination city that boasts an interesting juxtaposition of urban attitude and seaside chic. More than four million people visit Sochi’s mountainous coastline, endless shingle beaches, warm weather, and bustling nightlife every year. From May to September, the city’s population at least doubles as tourists, celebrities and the country’s political elite flock to enjoy the sights.

The city is known for its subtropical climate, sweeping landscapes, long beaches, and pristine parks. It also boasts a number of health resorts, spas and hotels, as well as mineral springs.

The area has become a significant tourist attraction, thanks to government support from surrounding countries.

You can find out more about Sochi on our port page, and about the SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2016 on our event page. Don’t forget to check out our blog for the latest from the event.

You can also find lots more pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Sovcomflot

PAO Sovcomflot (SCF Group) is one of the world’s leading shipping companies, specialising in the transportation of crude oil, petroleum products, and liquefied gas, as well as servicing offshore upstream oil and gas installations and equipment.

The Group’s fleet comprises 148 vessels with a total deadweight of over 12.8 million tonnes. The company is registered in St Petersburg with offices in Moscow, Novorossiysk, Murmansk, Vladivostok, Yuzhno Sakhalinsk, London, Limassol, and Dubai.

The Group offers a wide range of vessels in the market segments most demanded by major Russian oil and gas companies. With its own technical development and unique approach to advanced technologies, Sovcomflot has the ability to meet the most demanding customer requirements, providing effective transportation for oil and gas companies.

The Group is the title sponsor of SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2016. Previously, it was also the title sponsor of the similar event held in 2014, as well as a presenting partner of the Tall Ships Races 2009.

Photo: The fleet in Sochi.

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