Race Update 7

18 July 2010

Race Update 7
Those vessels yet to cross the finish line will be pleased to hear that the wind is filling in from the south west today after being quite light and variable yesterday afternoon.

At the 0600hrs communcations schedule, positions in Class A, B and C remained the same as yesterday evening, but in Class D Polarrev (Belgium) re-took the lead from Tomidi (Belgium), before finishing with Miles to Go (Belgium) in third and having crossed the line.  

Class A positions (provisional)
Statsraad Lehmkuhl (Norway)
Christian Radich (Norway)
Sorlandet (Norway)

Class B positions (provisional)
Jens Krogh (Denmark)
Tecla (Netherlands)
Constantina (Sweden)

Class C positions (provisional)
Dar Szczenia (Poland)
Rona II (UK)
Black Diamond of Durham (UK)

This race has seen some extraordinary speeds recorded and all vessels have made good time, including the backmarkers.  Although many have now crossed the finish line, the following are yet to do so:  Dewaruci (Indonesia), Moosk (UK), Provident (UK), Pegasus (UK), Aglaia (Austria), Mutin (France) (pic), Regina Germania (Germany) and Ocean Scout (UK). 

Excitement is mounting in Aalborg as it prepares for the arrival of the fleet over the coming days.  The following are expected arrival times in Aalborg, although these may be subject to change:
Hansa – already in Aalborg

18 July (am) Spaniel

19 July (am) Mir
19 July (pm) Kruzenshtern, Tomidi, Lietuva, Steppe

20 July (am) Sorlandet, Brabander, Statsraad Lehmkhul, Christian Radich
20 July (pm) Morgenstern, Rona II, Dar Szczecina

21July (am)   Georg Stage
21 July (pm) Wylde Swan

All results remain provisional until declaration forms have been submitted and reviewed by the race committee in Aalborg.

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The Tall Ships Races, presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International.
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