Race Update 7 - 15 August am report

15 August 2010

Race Update 7 - 15 August am report
Day five of the North Sea Regatta and there is a new leader overall on corrected time. Dar Szczecina (Poland) has taken over the lead overall, with Black Diamond of Durham (UK) now in second place and Stad Amsterdam (Netherlands) in third. 

Positions remain unchanged in Class A, with Stad Amsterdam in the lead, Eendracht (Netherlands) in second place and Oosterschelde (Netherlands) in third.

Tecla (Netherlands) continues to do well in Class B although is the only vessel in this class left racing.

Dar Szczecina now leads Class C with Black Diamond of Durham chasing and Spaniel (Latvia) also looking like a contender for the lead. 

Lietuva (Lithuania) remains in the lead in Class D with Endorfina (Poland) in second place having now crossed the finish line, and Urania (Netherlands) in third.

The weather report this morning shows N winds in the north of the race area F 3 – 4 increasing to F 5 – 6 later with a possibility of fog patches. Further south the winds are between NW and NE between F 5 and 7 with a possibility of gale F 8 later. 

As we enter the closing phase of the event it is still all to play for as regards distances covered. Lietuva continues to make good progress in the north as she heads for waypoint G for the second time. Also in the north, a group of Class As are making way south including Stavros S Niarchos, Wylde Swan, Kaliakra and Oosterschelde. Pelican of London is also in this area but unfortunately has not completed a necessary waypoint and therefore does not appear in the placings. There is a group of vessels in the southern part of the easterly ‘roundabout’, clearly calculating their final legs before the finish line.

Picture: Rona II at the race start, currently lying 4th in Class C.

The fleet can be tracked using the Yellowbrick satellite tracking system which updates every four hours. 

The North Sea Tall Ships Regatta is organised by Sail Training International.
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