Race Update 5 - 14 August am report

14 August 2010

Race Update 5 - 14 August am report
Positions overnight have remained largely unchanged with Black Diamond of Durham (UK) still in the lead overall on corrected time. In second place overall is Stad Amsterdam (Netherlands) with Dar Szczecina (Poland) in third.

Class A remains unchanged with Stad Amsterdam still in the lead, Eendracht (Netherlands) in second place and Oosterschelde (Netherlands) in third.

The only Class B vessel left racing is Tecla (Netherlands) who is doing well having now passed waypoint B and heading for waypoint G.

Class C also remains unchanged with Black Diamond of Durham in the lead with Dar Szczecina in second and Riyal (Netherlands) in third place. The only class to have changed is Class D with Lietuva (Lithuania) now in the lead having taken a route passing waypoints BG & H and now heading back to waypoint A. Endorfina (Poland) is now in second and Urania (Netherlands) in third. 

Aglaia (Austria), De Gallant (Netherlands), Maybe (UK), Rupel (Belgium), Trinovante (UK) and Shabab Oman (Oman) have all retired.

This continues to be an interesting event. Weather has abated since yesterday in the north with stronger winds now in the south of the race area. Undoubtedly the seas will remain choppy giving some challenging conditions in which to steer the ships as they plot their next moves. Some vessels are already starting on the eastern ‘roundabout’ with Spaniel leading the pack down there at the same time as Lietuva chooses to remain in the northerly (and westerly) ‘roundabout’.

With just over 48 hours left in the allowed time to race the event is entering a very interesting stage as Captains plot their courses to give them max distance whilst not risking a late finish.

Picture: Endorfina at the race start.

The fleet can be tracked using the Yellowbrick satellite tracking system which updates every four hours. 

The North Sea Tall Ships Regatta is organised by Sail Training International.
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