Race Update 3

16 July 2010

Race Update 3

0600hrs  16th July 2010

At the 0600 UTC/GMT communications schedule the leaders in the Class A and Class B race remain unaltered on corrected time.  

Class A ship, Statsraad Lehmkuhl (Norway) has extended her lead a little, followed by Christian Radich (Norway), and Shtandart (Russia), in third.  Mir (Russia) still leads on the water, and together with Statsraad Lehmkuhl and Christian Radich are all sailing at around 12 knots.  The top six ships are all incredibly close and will be constantly adjusting their sails for best advantage.  

Tecla (Netherlands) still holds the lead in the Class B fleet, followed by Jens Krogh (Denmark) and Constantia (Sweden).

In Class C, Dar Szczecina (Poland) remains first in class but Rona II (UK) is pushing through and now lies in second place, with Black Diamond of Durham (UK) third.  

Polarrev (Belgium) remains first in Class D, but Miles to Go (Belgium) has overtaken Tomidi (Belgium) to take second place, with Tomidi (pictured) in third.  

Adding to the list of retirements are Utopia (Denmark) and Tordenskjold (Norway) who are both now taking the inshore route along the canals to Aalborg.  

The sea state is moderate to rough with winds of 25 knots from the south south east expected to slowly decrease but remaining from a favourable direction.  

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The Tall Ships Races is presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International.

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