Race Update 1 - 12 August am report

12 August 2010

Race Update 1 - 12 August am report
At the 0600 UTC/GMT report, Pelican of London (UK) is in the lead overall on corrected time as well as in Class A. Due to the new format of this race, positions are calculated based on how many miles the vessels have sailed since the last position update - or in this case, the race start. 

In second place overall on corrected time is Astrid (Netherlands) with Eendracht (Netherlands) in third place, both also in Class A. 

In Class B, Maybe (UK) is in the lead on corrected time with Aglaia (Austria) in second and Tecla (Netherlands) in third. Black Diamond of Durham (UK) is leading the Class C vessels with Dar Szczecina (Poland) in second place and Rona II (UK) in third.  The Class D vessels are being led by Endorfina (Poland) with Urania (Netherlands) in second place and Lietuva (Lithuania) in third.

The next report will be posted this evening by 2000 hrs UTC/GMT

Picture: Pelican of London at the race start.

The fleet can be tracked using the Yellowbrick satellite tracking system which updates every four hours. 

The North Sea Tall Ships Regatta is organised by Sail Training International.
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