Race Two - Provisional Results

27 July 2011

Race Two - Provisional Results

Norwegian vessles, Wyvern, Statsraad Lehmkul and Liv were first, second and third overall on corrected time ensuring the host country is well represented in Race Two of the Tall Ships Races 2011 to Stavanger.  Dutch Tall Ship, Wylde Swan was first on the water.

Results by Class:

Class A: 1st - Statsraad Lehmkuhl (Norway) 2nd - Christian Radich (Norway)  3rd - Alexander Von Humboldt (Germany)

Class B: 1st - Wyvern (Norway) 2nd - Liv (Norway)  3rd - Tecla (Netherlands)

Class C: 1st - Black Diamond of Durham (UK) 2nd - Dar Szczecina (Poland) 3rd - St Iv (Estonia)

Class D: 1st - Akela (Russia), 2nd - Urania (Netherlands) 3rd - Rona II (UK)

To view a full list of the official placings click here

A Message from the Mayor: 

Sail Training International would like to emphasise that the ethos of the The Tall Ships Races is to promote friendship and international understanding through sail training. 

The Mayor of Stavanger, Leif Johan Sevland, has called for all crews to demonstrate dignity, reflection and respect.  He comments: We are proud to receive so many great young people to our city. We are all moved by the tragic events that happened in Oslo and Utøya on 22 July, but will continue with the Tall Ships Races in the same spirit as the basis for the entire regatta, namely through the sailing fraternity”

In addition to friendship, the event theme will focus on shanties - sailors' work songs.  Every evening, shanties will be heard across the city from cadets on Norwegian vessel, Statsraad Lehmkul with several hundred choristers along the quays. 

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