Fleet head towards Turku

22 August 2011

Fleet head towards Turku

The fleet are all now heading towards Turku or nearby islands, with the intention of being in Turku by noon on Friday 26th.  

We have expected arrival times for some vessels as follows:

Bylina 25/Eve

Fujimo 25/1200

Gulden leeuw 25/1400

Helena 25/Eve

Henrika 25/1200 - pictured

Johan Smidt 25/1600

Kruzenshtern 26/AM

Mir 25/0900

Shtandart 25/Night

St Iv 25/2100

Variag 26/AM

In the meantime, Turku is preparing for the fleet's imminent arrival with staging, marquees, bars and stalls being erected around the port, which will be hosting a number of cultural events over the coming days.

The provisional results which were posted earlier are subject to change as and when all race declaration forms have been submitted to the race office on arrival into Turku.

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The Culture 2011 Tall Ships Regatta is organised by Sail Training International.

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