Change At The Top

03 August 2011

Change At The Top

Whilst the top three placings in each class have not changed since this morning's report, Jolie Brise has slipped from first to second place overall on corrected time by the new time limit of midday today. It appears that she fell into some very light winds around 0900 this morning which slowed her down to drop just 30 minutes behind St Iv who currently lies in first place overall on corrected time in these provisional placings. Such is offshore racing...

The Race Committee would like to emphasise that these are just provisional placings and are subject to change. The final results are due to be published before midday on Saturday when all of the signed Race Declaration Forms have been received and checked.

The Race Series winners, those vessels that have had the best aggregate corrected time over the three races, will be announced at the prize giving on Saturday - 1700 local time. 

Provisional Results Overall:

1.  St Iv;  2. Jolie Brise;  3.  Akela

Provisional Results By Class:

Class A:

1.  Wylde Swan; 2.  Stad Amsterdam; 3. Dar Mlodziey

Class B:

1.  Jolie Brise; 2.  Liv;  3.  Tecla

Class C:

1.  St Iv;  2. Spaniel;  3. Dar Szczecina

Class D:

1.  Akela; 2. Gigi;  3.  Tomidi

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