Race 1 finish, Varna

21 May 2010

Race 1 finish, Varna
With a 1200hrs local time deadline for ships to arrive in Varna there’s a steady flow of vessels heading into port this morning in preparation for the Opening Ceremony, which is taking place at 1400hrs local time today.

All ships finished at the race time limit of 2100hrs UTC/GMT last night, which had been brought forward by four hours by the race committee. The results of leg 2 are now confirmed for this opening race in the Historical Seas Tall Ships Regatta.

Tecla, Netherlands (Class B) has not only won her class but also taken an overall win on corrected time, with Akela, Russia (Class D) taking second place overall on corrected time, and first in class. In Class C, Mythos, Greece won her class and took third overall on corrected time. And Tenacious, UK was the top scoring Class A vessel, winning her class and finishing ninth overall on corrected time.

The final results for Race 1 are the combined results of the two legs. Tecla wins not only Class B but also an overall race win. Mythos wins Class C and takes second overall, while the Class D yacht Akela takes third overall. The first of the Class A ships is Mir, who took eighth overall.

A full list of results is below.

Overall Class Results

Class A
1 Mir, 8th overall
2 Tenacious, 10th overall
3 Dar Mlodziezy, 11th overall
4 Kaliakra, 12th overall
5 Shabab Oman, 14th overall
6 Alex Von Humboldt, 15th overall
7 Dewaruci, 16th overall

Class B 
1 Tecla, 1st overall
2 Bodrum, 6th overall
3 Maybe, 13th overall

Class C
1 Mythos, 2nd overall
2 Christianna V, 5th overall
3 Mati, 9th overall

Class D
1 Akela, 3rd overall
2 Adonis, 4th overall
3 Hansa, 7th overall

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The Historical Seas Tall Ships Regatta is organised by Sail Training International.
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