Preparations made for the Parade of Sail

09 August 2010

Preparations made for the Parade of Sail

Around 620,000 visitors have visited the port during the Tall Ships festival, with many more expected today and tomorrow.  “Ive never seen anything like it in my life, its just wonderful” said one local lady watching the crew parade yesterday. 

The event has received huge media attention with local, national and international newspaper, television and radio coverage, including regular live broadcasts to radio stations in Australia.  

The fleet captains met today to be briefed on the Parade of Sail, which will take place tomorrow (Tuesday) at 16:00hrs.  The Parade of Sail is the traditional way of thanking the city for their hospitality, and is a spectacle that can be viewed from Seaton Carew and then going north along the coast to Black Halls Point.  

A small number of Class A ships will move out of port in the early hours of the morning but the majority of vessels will start undocking and leave the marina and harbour from 12:45 onwards until the start of the Parade.   

Many ships have crew changes taking place today, with briefings and some training taking place.  

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The Tall Ships Races, presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International.

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