Ping pong a first at prize giving!

11 July 2010

Ping pong a first at prize giving!

One of the highlights of the Tall Ship Race festivities is the crew parade and prize giving ceremony, which took place today (Sunday) in searing temperatures.   Thousands of people lined the streets to watch the crews and marching bands make their way to the market square, where the Master of Ceremonies, race director Paul Bishop, welcomed everyone and introduced the race chairman, Mr Christer Samuelsson, the Commander of the Naval Base in Antwerp, Commander Patrick Van der Bulck and special guest Mr Piotr Krzystek, Mayor of Szczeczin. 

Prizes for the first three sports events were donated by Decathon, one of which included an instant ping pong set, which was put to good used on the stage!

Prizes were awarded as follows:

Inter-ship football competition: Shebab Oman (Oman)

Inter-ship basketball competition:  Dewaruci (Indonesia)

Inter-ship tug of war: Kruzenshtern (Russia)

Prizes donated by the Royal Yacht Club of Begium and the Begian Naval Attachment Antwerp:

Inter-ship sailing competition:  Kent Mollerap, Utopia (Denmark)

Inter-ship rowing and sailing competition: Freddy Facting, Loa (Denmark)

Special prize awarded for 'fair pay': Shebab Oman

Prizes awarded by Sail Training International:

Best crew in the crew parade:  Shebab Oman

Most spectacuar arrival in port:  Dewaruci 

Youngest Captain:  Joergen Tima, Utopia (Denmark)

 Best dressed ship in port:  Orp Iskra (Poland)

Special award 'For outstanding dedication and commitment to sail training': Wylde Swan (Netherlands)

Vessel furthest from home port:  Dewaruci



Its not too late to get a berth on one of the ships in the fleet.  Potential trainees are encouraged to visit the ships or view their website and find out about the opportunites available to them. 


To see more images from The Tall Ships Races, click here.

The Tall Ships Races is presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International.


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