Oman Royal Navy Celebrates the homecoming of Shabab Oman

27 October 2010

Oman Royal Navy Celebrates the homecoming of Shabab Oman
Shabab Oman crew with the International Friendship trophy in Hartlepool this year

The Royal Navy of Oman held a reception on October 25th to celebrate the safe return of the sail training vessel Shabab Oman, following a 6 month long voyage that took the crew to many European ports and included participation in 3 Sail Training International race events.

A fantastically successful voyage was capped with the vessel and crew receiving a number of prestigious awards during these events, including; the International Friendship Trophy 2010 in Hartlepool UK for The Tall Ships Races 2010, the International Friendship Trophy in Lavrion, Greece for the Historical Seas Regatta and the International Friendship Trophy in Amsterdam Netherlands for the North Sea Regatta.

Shabab Oman has successfully completed 11 major voyages and is intended to reiterate Oman's ancient past and deep-rooted ties to the seas of the world. Rear Admiral Abdullah bin Khamis affirmed, during the celebration, that Shabab Oman continues its important role as the Sultanate's roaming ambassador, touring the world with a message of welcome, peace, love and brotherhood for all nations.

The welcoming party was attended by a number of government ministers, representatives of the Oman armed forces and members of the Royal family as well as family and friends of the crew, pleased to finally see their loved ones after an extended absence.

Sail Training International looks forward to welcoming back the officers and crew of Shabab Oman in many future Tall Ships sail training events. 
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