Mir first to cross the start line in Race One

21 August 2011

Mir first to cross the start line in Race One


The first race of the Culture 2011 Tall Ships Regatta is underway.  The fleet had earlier left Klaipeda watched by thousands of people along the quaysides and headland.  The largest ship of the fleet, Sedov (Russia) received rapturous applause from the quay as a pair of tugs pulled her gently from her berth.  

The fleet made their way out to the start line some five nautical miles offshore.  In light winds, the ships crossed the start line in two groups – first the Class A vessels, then followed fifteen minutes later by Class B, C and D vessels, who started together.   

The course they will now follow is approximately 330 nautical miles and finishes approximately 70 nautical miles from Turku.

First across the line in Class A was Mir (Russia) well ahead of Shtandart (Russia) who crossed the line second.  Thalassa (Netherlands) followed in third.

In Class B Johann Smidt (Germany) crossed first, ahead of Nadezhda (Russia) and Tecla (Netherlands) who fought a close battle for second and third place. 

In Class C,  St Iv (Estonia) crossed first, with 4 Ocean’s Dream (Poland) and Camelot (Poland) in second and third respectively. 

Bylina (Russia) crossed first in Class D, followed by Fujimo (USA) and Akela (Russia) third to cross. 

The leaderboard will be updated after the twice daily position reports.  Click here to see the latest positions.

To track the fleet in real time, click here

pic:  Mir crossing the start line

The Culture 2011 Tall Ships regatta is organised by Sail Training International





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