Light Winds for the Leaders

12 July 2012

Light Winds for the Leaders
The competition has intensified as the vessels at the head of the fleet run into lighter winds and are beginning to bunch together. Mir (Class A, Russia) is now closest to the finish line with just over 200 miles to go with Dar Mlodziezy (Class A, Poland) following closely behind but making a tactical move to the east to try to pick up a stronger band of wind closer to the Portuguese coast. It will be interesting to see if Mir responds over the next few hours to cover her.

Ocean Spirit of Moray (Class C, UK) has retaken her lead over Ebb Tide (Class C, Netherlands) and has now gained a 5 mile advantage. Rona II (Class D, UK) has lost some ground on these two fast Class C vessels and is now 18 miles behind with Akela (Class D, Russia) closing on her as the wind decreases. Antwerp Flyer (Class C, Belgium) and Lietuva, (Class C, Lithuania) are also locked into a duel just to the west of them.

Miles to Go (Class D, Belgium) and Dar Szczecina (Class C, Poland) have sailed a more westerly course which has seemed to have paid off for them for the time being as their placing have improved. Maybe, UK, is having an excellent race and remains in first place on corrected time in Class B and overall.

The wind is due to gradually veer around to the north and then NE over the next few days which should favour the traditional-rigged vessels.

Position by Class using corrected time:
Class A: Alexander Von Humboldt II, Europa, Georg Stage
Class B: Maybe, Morning Star, Johanna Lucretia
Class C: Black Diamond of Durham, St Iv, Dar Szczecina
Class D: Miles To Go, Akela, Rona II

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The Tall Ships Races 2012, Presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International is taking place in the following host ports: 

St Malo - Thursday 5 to Sunday 8 July (race start Monday 9 July)
- Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 July
Cadiz - Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 July
A Coruña - Friday 10 to Monday 13 August
Dublin - Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 August

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