Join a Dutch Tall Ship on its global circumnavigation

17 September 2012

Join a Dutch Tall Ship on its global circumnavigation
Dutch Tall Ship, the three masted bark Europa, has set sail on a global circumnavigation and will later be joined by Oosterschelde and Tecla.  And they are offering a once in lifetime opportunity to sail with them.
The next departure of the Dutch Tall Ships is 3 November. Three-masted topsailschooner Oosterschelde will depart from her homeport Rotterdam. Following the ancient trade route past the Cape Verde Islands and Brazil, she will sail to Cape Town. Tecla will depart just a few weeks later and will be sailing to La Palma and later joining Oosterschelde on her route.  
The ships will visit Antarctica,  meet in Cape Town and from there sail together across the Indian Ocean. In the wake of Dutch explorers such as Cornelis de Houtman, Abel Tasman and Van Diemen, these three well-known Dutch Tall Ships relive ancient times again.
This voyage brings all three ships to Durban, Mauritius, Reunion and on to Perth. Then, course will be set for Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney. On October 4 2013, the ships will represent the Netherlands during the International Fleet Review of the Australian Navy. A Tall Ships’ Race is next on the program from Sydney to Auckland. After completing this race, the ships start preparations for their long journey around Cape Horn late November 2013, the Falkland Islands and on to Antarctica. In 2014 the three ships will be back in their home country, the Netherlands.

You are invited to participate on these traditional sailing ships during one or more legs of this historic global circumnavigation. Professional crew will explain and teach all guest crew members about navigation, sail handling, square rig sailing and much more. All ages and nationalities can participate. There will be a daily radio contact between the ships. People ashore will be able to follow the tracks and read the weekly postings on the website.

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