Italian Ships arrive in Genoa

07 April 2010

Italian Ships arrive in Genoa
Three Italian Tall Ships arrived in Genoa today for the start of the Garibaldi Tall Ships Regatta. Palinuro, Orsa Maggiore and Pamadica all drew crowds when they came alongside with the Class A vessel Palinuro predicatably drawing most attention.

The sun continued to shine on Genoa as the city continued to prepare for the four day festival which starts on Thursday. Most of the Tall Ships that are now in Genoa have yet to receive their trainee crew members and so are busying themselves with maintenance work and painting. 

To make way for Palinuro to berth alongside the Calata Molo Vecchio, Astrid and Tecla moved across the harbour to their berths along the Pont del Mille where they will be joined by Tenacious, Den Store Bjorn and Pogoria all of which are due in to Genoa tomorrow, Thursday.

The Garibaldi Tall Ships Regatta is organised by Sail Training International.
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