Istanbul Prepares for the Fleet

26 May 2010

Istanbul Prepares for the Fleet
The Karaköy quayside in Istanbul is a hive of activity today as the city prepares a village ready for the Historical Seas Tall Ships Regatta fleet which is due in tomorrow morning. A large entrance has been created through which the thousands of visitors expected will need to enter to visit the Class A ships which will be berthed alongside.

A village of tents have been erected along the quayside and visitors will have plenty to see, do and eat as well as visit the ships from midday tomorrow, Thursday 27 May. An official opening ceremony will take place at 1400 local when the crews will gather together with city dignitaries and the press.

The fleet have now finished racing and are currently gathered close to the northern entrance to the Bosphorus. At 0900 local tomorrow morning they will travel together in a convoy down the the Bosphorus to Istanbul to berth close to the Galata Bridge in the centre of the city. They should arrive at around 1100 local.  

Many of the smaller Class C and D vessels are already in Istanbul and because of the swell they are unable to berth with the Class A and B vessels but are in the Ataköy Marina. However, the organisers are arranging for boats and vehicles to be arranged to ensure the crews are transported to the centre of activities over the coming days.

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The Historical Seas Tall Ships Regatta is organised by Sail Training International.

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