In the Galley with Graham

23 July 2010

In the Galley with Graham
Working on a sailing ship can be challenging and tiring and providing the necessary ‘fuel’ for all those trainees and crew are the dedicated cooks who prepare fresh meals for the hungry crews three times a day, every day, in all sorts of weather.
During one week of racing 62,265 meals will have been prepared, eaten and washed up within the fleet! (8895 meals per day).  
One such person is Graham Samways, who has been the cook on Tenacious (UK) since she was launched in 2000.  Whatever the sea conditions, Graham prepares a cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner plus freshly baked cakes and cookies for smoko (coffee time) everyday.  His recipes are so popular there is even a cookbook available called In the Galley with Graham.    Tenacious is owned by the Jubilee Sailing Trust and is one of the few ships adapted to carry physically disabled trainees and is the largest wooden ship to be built in the UK in the last century.  She is sister ship to Lord Nelson (UK), a regular at the Tall Ships Races.  

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The Tall Ships Races, presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International.
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