Hartlepool gearing up for arrivals

05 August 2010

Hartlepool gearing up for arrivals

Hartlepool is gearing up for the forthcoming festivities, with the site open to the public from 10:00hrs tomorrow (Friday). 

Vessels already in port are Class A ship Dewaruci (Indonesia), Aglaia (Austria), Challenger 2 and Challenger 4 (UK), Dar Szczecina (Poland), Spaniel (Latvia), Dasher (UK), Hansa (Spain), Lietuva (Lithuania), Tomidi (Belgium) and Urania (Netherlands).  Norwegian Class A ship Sorlandet is due to arrive at 17:00hrs today, with local sloop Black Diamond of Durham arriving at approx 21:00hrs. 

Many ships are due to arrive tomorrow, including Class A ships, Mir (Russia) and Wylde Swan (Netherlands), the largest topsail schooner in the world.  Both are expected to arrive around noon.  

By noon on Saturday 53 vessels that have taken part in the race should be in port, and will be joined by several others who will be racing on to Amsterdam as part of the North Sea Tall Ships Regatta.  

Provisional results will be available here this evening and final results announced when declaration forms have been submitted and reviewed by the race committee once all vessels are in port.

Pic:  Dewaruci arriving in Hartlepool

View tracking via satellite on The Tall Ships Races 2010 (updated two-hourly - please note this is a pilot system and not all vessels are currently showing up on the system. For a full update of positions please refer to the tracking and placing links below). 

View tracking via twice daily updates

View fleet current placings

To see more images from The Tall Ships Races, click here.

The Tall Ships Races, presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International.

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