Generous presentation from Nordic Sailing Friends

26 July 2010

Generous presentation from Nordic Sailing Friends

Constantia (Sweden) is one of two lucky recipients to receive a much needed financial award of 10000 kroner from a sea-faring charity.  It was presented by the Nordic Sailing Friends, a charitable foundation of high ranking shipping officials  set up in 1961, and presided over by His Highness the King of Norway.  

Built in Denmark, Constantia is a 102-year-old traditional Marsdal schooner, restored to its original condition  with considerable sums being spent on her hull and rigging.  As with most of the tall ship  owners, this non-profit making foundation, owned by Haakon Malmborg ploughs any profit back into restoring and maintaining the ship. Constantia is used both for school classes and sail training around the Nordic coast.

Constantia did very well in race one, finishing third in Class B.  With 18 trainees on board of all ages, the youngest was a Swedish girl of 15, and the oldest was a Dutch gentleman of 67.  Constantia’s  average speed was 6.31 knots.

A cheque from the Nordic Sailing Friends was also handed over to Georg Stage (Denmark).  


Pic:  Skipper of Constantia Hakon Malmborg, Peter Berndt. Per Eskildsen og  Niels Bagge
(c) : Lars Horn / Baghuset.


To view the final results of the first race and full prize list, click here.  To see more images from The Tall Ships Races, click here.

The Tall Ships Races, presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International.

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