Friendship important to Viva crew

15 April 2010

Friendship important to Viva crew
The crew of the Latvian vessel Viva could not hide their disappointment that the wind had not been better behaved for the race from Genoa even though they did well in their class. "We had good wind during the parade of sail in Genoa, although from a bad direction," said Vladimir Novikov, the captain of Viva (pictured right). "As soon as the race started the wind dropped, and then just after the race was stopped because of no wind, suddenly some wind picked up. This is not how it is supposed to be!"

Vladimir believes that the most important part of any Tall Ships race is the friendships that are forged between fellow sailors from around the world. "It is always good to come back to see our friends and to take part in these races that help to promote sailing," said Vladimir. "We like to expand knowledge of Latvian sailing and so will keep taking part in these races."

Sailing with Vladimir are five other Latvians, four of which had never taken part in a regatta before. One of those, Normunds Voss (pictured second from left), said he really enjoyed the atmosphere in Genoa and the friendliness of all the crews and would definitely do another race. "I would have preferred more wind as then the race would have been quite exciting and more challenging, but I still enjoyed sailing and being with friends," said Normunds. 

Vladimir keeps Viva in Nettuna, near Rome, and sails about eight months of the year in the warmer climate of the Mediterranean. From Trapani, he will take the yacht across to Greece where he is planning to take part in the Historical Seas Tall Ships Regatta, although he says he needs more crew. "Four of my crew are leaving on Sunday and while I have two more coming to take their place, I really need more. If anyone wants to come along and join us they would be made very welcome and I can guarantee they will have a great time," said Vladimir. 

Vladimir's daughter, Anna, is currently sailing on Hansa but will be leaving Trapani to go home for a few weeks before returning to Volos to join another vessel taking part in the Historical Seas Tall Ships Regatta. Vladimir says he understands that his daughter enjoys sailing with her friends but hopes his other daughter's son will one day join him on a Tall Ships Race, but as he is only four, he will have a few years to wait. 

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The Garibaldi Tall Ships Regatta is organised by Sail Training International.

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