Final words

05 September 2011

Final words
What the Culture 2011 Tall Ships Races meant to two Captains:
  • thundery showers
  • bikini
  • lots of current
  • fair winds
  • oil skins
  • no wind
  • freezing cold
  • lumpy seas
  • shampooing in the rain
  • sunblock
  • a little bit of chaos
  • a tiny hint of party
  • a lot of nice people
  • a humongous amount of fun! 
Fieke de Baat (De Gallant)

Little fleet, little wind, nice atmosphere, marvellous.
For the trainees - an incredible time learning about life, nature and communication.
Being at sea and being in other countries.  An experience of a lifetime which is our duty to continue.

Lammert Osinga (Thalassa)

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