Final Prizegiving in busy Amsterdam

20 August 2010

Final Prizegiving in busy Amsterdam
The North Sea Tall Ships Regatta came to an end today after the crews had marched through the streets of Amsterdam and taken part in the prizegiving. 

Crews from the North Sea Tall Ships Regatta were joined by crews from other Tall Ships that are also in Amsterdam to create quite a spectacle that the watching crowds clearly enjoyed. The band of Dewaruci (Indonesia), the pipes of Shabab Oman (Oman), and the fun and frolics of so many other vessels were applauded warmly by the appreciative Dutch crowd who had waited for a long time in hot and humid conditions for the crews to appear.

The parade took the crews from the Naval Barracks, along the quayside in front of the ships and then down one of the prettiest roads in Amsterdam, Zeedijk, to Nieuwmarkt, a lovely square in the centre of the city. Here the prizegiving got under way with the Chairman of Sail Amsterdam, Nico Buis, together with the Chief Executive of Sail Training International, Paul Reilly, handing out the prizes. Chairman of the Race Committee, Bernard Heppener, asked the crews to join him on giving three cheers for the city of Amsterdam for the fantastic hospitality they have put on for the crews.

The prizes awarded were:

Class Prizes for the Regatta
Class A: 
1st - Stad Amsterdam (Netherlands)
2nd - Eendracht (Netherlands)
3rd - Oosterschelde (Netherlands)

Class B:
1st - Tecla (Netherlands)
2nd - Maybe (UK)

Class C:
1st - Dar Szczecina (Poland)
2nd - Riyal (Netherlands)
3rd - Black Diamond of Durham (UK)

Class D:
1st - Lietuva (Lithuania)
2nd - Urania (Netherlands)
3rd - Endorfina (Poland)

Winner overall on corrected distance: Dar Szczecina (Poland)

Longest distance covered, 662nm:  Lietuva (Lithuania)

Best Crew in Crew Parade: Pelican of London (UK)

Vessel with youngest average crew (22.4 yrs): Endorfina (Poland)

Vessel with most international crew (9 nationalities): Kaliakra (Bulgaria)

Vessel furthest from their home port: Shabab Oman (Oman)

Communications Prize: Stad Amsterdam (Netherlands)

STA Netherlands Trophy, awarded to a Dutch, non-Class A vessel that covered the longest distance: Riyal

Friendship Trophy
The final prize of the event was the North Sea Tall Ships Regatta Friendship Trophy which is awarded to the vessel that, in the opinion of the captains and crews of the fleet, did the most to further international friendship and understanding.  This was won by Shabab Oman, the friendly vessel that has also won the Friendship Trophies of this year's Historical Seas Tall Ships Regatta and The Tall Ships Races, proving that they really are the most popular vessel in the fleet. 

The fleet will now stay in Amsterdam for another two days until the final parade out on Monday. Everyone involved in this event has enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow crew members with new friendships formed and new talents and strengths gathered. 

This was the final event of the Sail Training International calendar which has been a busy one. It is hoped that many young people will have been inspired by these races and hopefully many more will join in one of the two races that are being organised in 2011. Click here for more information on these and how to get involved.
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