Farewell Alex

07 August 2011

Farewell Alex

Sail Training International today presented Alexander Von Humboldt with a decanter in a special celebration of her presence in The Tall Ships Races before she retires.  

German vessel Alex, as she is called by her crew, has taken part in The Tall Ships Races since 1988 and won her second race from Lerwick to Stavanger during this Race Series.

During her time, she has travelled over 300,000 nautical miles (560,000 km) in 20 years equal to 14 times around the equator. 

Operated entirely by volunteers, the 25 permanent crew and 35 trainees form a unique bond during each voyage, all of whom learn the special ‘Alex’ trade mark known as a '7-3-1'.  Check our facebook page to see a 7-3-1 in action!

Alex and her distinctive green sails will certainly be missed by the fleet.  She was initially sponsored by Becks beer hence her bright green colouring and can be seen in the background of some adverts for the brand.

Although Sail Training International is sad to see Alex go, we look forward to welcoming her successor next year which is being baptised on 24th September 2011 before her maiden voyage in October.

Bye Alex!  And thanks for giving our Race Director an “Alex” green nose at the prize giving in Stavanger as well as your 7-3-1 today.

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