Everything ready for the great celebration of traditional sailing in the Port Vell

20 September 2013

Everything ready for the great celebration of traditional sailing in the Port Vell

The 28 Tall Ships of the Lycamobile Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta are ready to welcome the public tomorrow

The village is ready at the Portal de la Pau with the exhibition " Barcelona Sails"

The young crews will begin their adventure into the great educational experience of traditional sailing.

Throughout the day the 28 participants of the Lycamobile Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta have been docking in the Port Vell, for the races that takes place in two stages: Barcelona - Toulon and Toulon - La Spezia. From September 21st to the 24th, the boats will be moored in Barcelona’s Port Vell and will be open to the public at certain times. The visiting public will have access to the boats and will learn about these wonders of the sea, unique in the world.

The event is already well established in Barcelona, since it was the host port in 2004 and 2007 for previous Tall Ships Races. This year, the Regatta coincides with the festival of La Mercè which creates the perfect setting to further integrate the event with the public in the activities of La Mercè and the Sea.

Spectacular vessels full of history and human experience

The highlight today was the arrival of the giant four-masted barque Kruzenshtern (Russia) mooring its more than 114 meters of beautiful steel hull on the Moll de Barcelona, opposite the World Trade Centre. Kruzenshtern is one of the last few great sailing merchants who remained active until World War II.

Mir also arrived today, unofficially named as "the fastest", in reference to its proven speed. The Russian tall ship, a great example of a ship dedicated to sail training, majestically furled her sails on the three enormous fully rigged masts at the beginning of the Moll de Barcelona.

In the same dock as Mir, Santa Maria Manuela is moored, a Gaff four-masted schooner which is one of the last survivors of the famous Forta Branca Portuguesa. Its captain, Antonio São Marcos, speaks enthusiastically about traditional sailing which is the basis of the culture of the sea and emphasizes that these vessels carry out an extraordinary job training and educating young people from all kinds of cultures: "Today anyone over 14 years old who wants to learn to sail can join us, participating in all the tasks of the boat and always accompanied by a professional sailor. The educational program includes knowledge of sail trim, assistance to navigation officers, rigging, etc." The Portuguese Captain remarks that sharing the tasks and living together develops in students a sense of teamwork and civic awareness. "All functions on the boat are essential for its proper development, - states - even those that seem less important." São Marcos values ​​the Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta as a special moment to share experiences with other skippers and other crews. "It's the Barcelona party. It is a unique opportunity that the public have to go to the harbor to see this historical heritage, because this does not happen every day. "

Final preparations for Barcelona Sails

In the Portal de la Pau, in front of the statue of Columbus, the regatta village is preparing for opening to the public tomorrow. The village includes a spherical central tent which exhibits various activities from the organizers and sponsors and the tents of the exhibition "Barcelona Sails". In this exhibition, the public can participate in free activities and fully open to everyone, as well as finding information about the activities of the Consorci El Far and the Fundació Navegació Oceànica Barcelona (FNOB), institutions that organize the event in Barcelona with Sail Training International ( STI ).

Pic:  Kruzenshtern being helped to her berth alongside the World Trade Centre.

Lycamobile - title sponsor of the Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta
Gaastra - official clothing supplier to the Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta

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For more details please contact Pauline Appleby, Media Manager, on pauline.appleby@sailtraininginternational.org Tel: +44(0) 7785 567487

Editor’s notes:

A word from your sponsor
Lycamobile is the world’s favourite international SIM card. With over 30 million customers across 16 countries, it allows customers to benefit from fantastic, low rates to call their friends and family abroad.

Lycamobile is delighted to be sponsoring this year’s Lycamobile Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta, with its mission to connect to global communities.  
If you need to call your family and friends during the Regatta please look out for their stand space portside in Barcelona, Toulon and La Spezia.   

What is sail training?
Sail Training is an adventure activity, which includes far more than sailing instruction. Participants are required to confront demanding challenges, both physical and emotional. It is an activity that inspires self-confidence and personal responsibility. It promotes an acceptance of others, whatever their social or cultural backgrounds, and develops a willingness to take controlled risks. Those who undertake Sail Training on Tall Ships generally find it a positive life-changing experience.

A two-minute film can be seen here.

About Sail Training International (STI)
STI is the international voice of Sail Training, a registered charity (not-for-profit organisation), which has worldwide membership and activities. Its purpose is the development and education of young people through the Sail Training experience, regardless of nationality, culture, religion, gender or social background. It organises the annual Tall Ship Races and other international Tall Ship sailing events. STI members are 29 national Sail Training organisations around the world and STI’s head office is in Gosport, Hampshire, UK.

The organisation was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2007 for its work in promoting international understanding and friendship.

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