Early arrivals in Trapani

15 April 2010

Early arrivals in Trapani
Four of the faster vessels who were leading the fleet on the water at the time of the race finish have arrived in Trapani. The Italian naval vessel Orsa Maggiore and the Spanish vessel Hansa arrived this morning and spoke of their disappointment that the lack of wind for the race. Viva (Latvia) and Pamadica (Italy) arrived this afternoon.

The rest of the fleet taking part in the Garibaldi Tall Ships Regatta are expected to arrive tomorrow morning, Friday 16 April, the first day of the festival. 

Meanwhile the port is gearing itself up for the arrival of the fleet and the expected visitors to see the vessels, with a village of cafes, shops and exhibitions being established.

A press conference was held on board Signora del Vento today, with the President of the Province of Trapani, Girolamo Turano welcoming the press and outlining the plans for the coming days. Matteo Bruzzo, the President of STA Italia and the Chairman of the Race Committee for the Garibaldi Tall Ships Regatta, told the assembled press how the race had been hampered by lack of wind but that he was sure the trainees on board the vessels would have enjoyed their voyage from Genoa. 

To track the fleet as they race click here

To view the current placings in the race click here

The Garibaldi Tall Ships Regatta is organised by Sail Training International.
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