Dream to Compete with Famous Tall Ships

28 May 2010

Dream to Compete with Famous Tall Ships
For the Greek family Kosmas, taking part in the Historical Seas Tall Ships Regatta is a dream come true. For them, the chance to compete against such famous Tall Ships as Mir, Dar Mlodziezy and Shabab Oman was an opportunity not to be missed. 

Spiros and his wife Vasso, together with their daughter Helena and two of her friends, have just sailed up from their home on the island of Skopelos to take part in the event in their boat Glaros K. They would have liked to take part in the entire event but previous commitments prevented them from doing that. "To come to Istanbul for this race is an experience we could not resist," said Spiros. "Istanbul is a very sentimental place for us and strongly connected to Greek history and as we have always wanted to take part in a Tall Ships race, this was something exceptional that we could not miss. It is not every day you get to sail with such famous boats so taking part in the Historical Seas event is very, very exciting for us."

Glaros means seagull and because the family have had a previous boat with the same name, they had to come up with something different so decided to add a K. "This has many meanings as is the first letter of our name and also the word 'new' in Greek and 'good' so Glaros K was a good name!"

Helena Kosmas has been on boats since she was just one year old so is totally at home at sea. "Our friends used to call her 'the fish' because she was always either on the boat on in the water," explains her mother Vasso. 

The family frequently take part in small regattas around the Aegean and their island home, but this will be the first time they've taken part in something international. Will they do well? "It all depends on the weather of course but we do hope we will as Glaros K is a fast boat," says Spiros. 

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The Historical Seas Tall Ships Regatta is organised by Sail Training International.
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