Crew Parade Stops Traffic

28 May 2010

Crew Parade Stops Traffic
The crews of the Historical Seas Tall Ships Regatta stopped the traffic in Istanbul today. In a city used to traffic jams, this one was unusual as it was caused by a noisy and happy collection of crews crossing a road just north of the Galata Bridge. 

The crew parade began in front of the ships along the quayside, from where they were taken by a convoy of buses is Istiklial Street. They then walked a 3.3km route back down to the quayside and along the road to a specially created stage in front of the Istanbul Modern museum. 

Despite the heat and the length of the route the Dewaruci band did not stop playing, or the acrobats jumping. The Shabab Oman band likewise continued to play to the crowds who stopped and cheered and took photos as this huge body of crew walked through the streets. 

At the prize giving stage, proceedings got under way with the prizes presented for the race, together with a number of other prizes presented by Sail Training International and the City of Istanbul. 

Class A
1st: Mir (Russia)
2nd: Dar Mlodziezy (Poland)
3rd: Kaliakra (Bulgaria)

Class B
1st: Tecla (Netherlands)
2nd: Maybe (UK)
3rd: Bodrum (Turkey)

Class C
1st: Mati (Croatia)
2nd: Christianna V (Greece)
3rd: Mythos (Greece

Class D
1st: Akela (Russia)
2nd. Adonis (Greece)
3rd: Tamara (Ukraine)

The Line Honours prize was awarded to Hansa (Spain).
The first overall on corrected time prize was awarded to Tecla (Netherlands)
The Communications prize was awarded to Tenacious (UK)
The Cook Longest at Sea prize went to Graham Samway on Tenacious (UK)
The Oldest crew member award was presented to 82 year old Frederick Besy on Tecla (Netherlands)
The ship with the most international crew award was presented to Mir (Russia) with 15 nationalities.
The ship with the youngest average aged crew, with average age of 24.3 yrs, was awarded to Christianna V (Greece).
The prize for the best crew in the crew parade went to Shabab Oman
The prize for the youngest average crew went to Christianna V. 

To see the full results of Race 2, click here

To see more images from the Historical Seas Tall Ships Regatta in Istanbul, click here.

The Historical Seas Tall Ships Regatta is organised by Sail Training International.

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