'Sailors of peace' countdown to the world’s biggest annual Tall Ships Race

17 June 2014

'Sailors of peace' countdown to the world’s biggest annual Tall Ships Race
Excitement is mounting and final plans are being put into place for the biggest annual Tall Ships Race in the world.  And this year the Tall Ships fleet celebrates a first, an anniversary and an experience of a lifetime, with music!

First Tall Ships Race in Harlingen
The Races start with a grand port event in Harlingen, The Netherlands. This will be the first Tall Ships Race in Harlingen and the most impressive event of the year in the north of the country. It is a Tall Ships friendly port and the organisers have focused their attention on activities for young people.

Sailors of peace in Fredrikstad
The fleet will race from Harlingen to Fredrikstad, Norway – the second host port for The Tall Ships Races 2014.  Here 105 young Norwiegan trainees have just completed four seminars to prepare them as country ambassadors for the event (Fredrikstad 'Sailors of Peace' pictured above).

Since early spring these talented trainees - known as ‘The Peace Sailors’ - have spent their Saturdays learning how to make the most of their trip of a lifetime. 

At the first seminar Svein Roald Hansen, Vice President of the Norwegian Parliament, told them about the importance of the 200 year anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution and why freedom of speech rooted in the Constitution is such a fundamental part of their democracy.

At the second seminar, a specialist related freedom of speech to social media, and gave the youngsters ideas on how to use social media as personal communication tools. Many of the Peace Sailors plan to blog and report through social media about their life changing experience on board a tall ship.

The third seminar was by a famous Norweigan football and icehockey coach Morgan Andersen - a previous participant in World Cups and the Olympics. His message was about mental training and preparedness for individual and group challenges. Vilde Lofthus Rooth who participated in the Tall Ships Races in 2013 also told stories about meeting challenges sailing from Riga to Sczcecin.

At the final seminar Norweigan basket ball team player and winner of the TV competition 'Champion of the Champions', Marco Elsafadi, talked about cooperation, self confidence and the will to win. 

One of the young trainees, Karl Adrian Hillestad Skimten (18) commented, “I know I reflect people around me and will always try to adjust, but only to the extent that I do not compromise my own free will.”

Shanties in Bergen
From Fredrikstad the ships will enjoy a Cruise in Company to Bergen, Norway, visiting some Norwiegan guest ports, while cruising in a relaxed atmosphere.

This port event will be the biggest and most attractive party in the west of the country, with an estimated 500,000 visitors over four days and a key focus on music.   There will be a naming ceremony, shanties, marketplace, singing cadets from the masts, maritime village, closing ceremony combining metal, shanties and ship whistles, spectacular fireworks and free concerts and entertainment every day.

Event of the decade in Esbjerg
The final leg is a race from Bergen to Esbjerg, Denmark where a maritime celebration and great atmosphere are promising to greet the fleet. The port anticipates this to be the event of the year – if not the decade.

Knut Western, Race Chairman, Sail Training International said. “This year we have attracted 78 Tall Ships from around the world, bringing with them thousands of young people of all backgrounds from over thirty nationalities. The ports are ready, the fleet is ready, STI is ready and there are still some places left on vessels for any last minute trainees who’d like to try their hand at sail training and be part of this spectacular event.”

For more information visit Sail Training International 

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About Sail Training International (STI)
STI is the international voice of Sail Training, a registered charity (not-for-profit organisation), which has worldwide membership and activities. Its purpose is the development and education of young people through the Sail Training experience, regardless of nationality, culture, religion, gender or social background. It organises the annual Tall Ships Races and other international Tall Ship sailing events. STI members are 29 national Sail Training organisations around the world and STI’s head office is in Gosport, Hampshire, UK.

The organisation was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2007 for its work in promoting international understanding and friendship www.sailtraininginternational.org

What is sail training?
Sail Training is an adventure activity, which includes far more than sailing instruction. Participants are required to confront demanding challenges, both physical and emotional. It is an activity that inspires self-confidence and personal responsibility. It promotes an acceptance of others, whatever their social or cultural backgrounds, and develops a willingness to take controlled risks. Those who undertake Sail Training on Tall Ships generally find it a positive life-changing experience.

For more information about the event visit Sail Training International 

For further information contact Sally Titmus, Communications and Marketing Manager, Sail Training International, Charles House, Gosport Marina, Mumby Road, Gosport, UK  PO12 1AH


Office   +44(0)23 9258 6367

Mobile +44(0)7827 298 733

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