Changing Conditions Creates Change In Class

01 August 2011

Changing Conditions Creates Change In Class

The Dutch are having storming race in Class A with Wylde Swan jumping from 10th in class to second with Stad Amsterdam taking the lead. Polish vessel Dar Mlodziezy has manoeuvred into third place but conditions are cleary not suiting all with Russian vessel Mir dropping from first to 11th place overall and fourth in class. 

The UK's Jolie Brise is as competitive as ever now taking-up first overall as well as holding first in class, closely followed by Liv (Norway) and Stina Mari.

Wind conditions are clearly favouring the Cs and Ds with St Iv, Liv and Gigi second, third and fourth overall.  Gigi has dropped from first overall and it will be interesting to see if the newcomer to The Tall Ships Races rediscovers her earlier form but she is still first in Class D (followed by Akela and Urania). 

St Iv is currently leading Spaniel and Ocean Spirit of Moray in Class C.  All could change overnight!


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