A Victory For Germany

29 July 2011

A Victory For Germany

A buoyant crew parade entered the main square of Stavanger to take part in the prize giving ceremony hosted by Sail Training International for Race Two of The Tall Ships Races 2011, presented by Szczecin.

It was the green glow of crew from German Class A vessel, Alexander von Humboldt which shone above the rest as they discovered they had just snatched first place from Statsraad Lehmkuhl in Class A by only two minutes!  Wyvern from Norway was overall winner on corrected time and Wylde Swan from the Netherlands was first to cross the finish line.

The prize for best crew in the crew parade was won by Atlantica from Sweden and the girls who collected the award certainly demonstrated why they caught the attention of crowds when on stage.

Sail Training International’s Race Director, Paul Bishop, also received a surprise when he was presented with a safety award from the Norwegian Sail Training Alliance in honour of Ole Aga, who sadly died on a sailing trip to Shetland in May 2011. Paul has personally made ​​a significant effort to focus strongly on safety for crews and ships.

Official Results and List of Prizes:

Following a meeting by the Race Committee and a review of all declarations, the official results are as follows:

Class A:  1st - Alexander von Humboldt, Germany, 2nd - Statsraad Lehmkuhl, Norway, 3rd Christian Radich, Norway

Class B: 1st - Wyvern, Norway, 2nd - Liv, Norway, 3rd - Tecla, Netherlands

Class C: 1st – Black Diamond of Durham, UK, 2nd - St Iv, Estonia; 3rd - Dar Szczecina, Poland

Class D: 1st - Akela, Russia, 2nd - Urania, Netherlands, 3rd, Tomidi, Belgium

First vessel to cross the finish line: Wylde Swan, Netherlands

First vessel overall on corrected time: Wyvern, Norway

The Tall Ships Races 2011 special prizes from the Port and City of Stavanger and Sail Training International:

Best Crew in Crew Parade – Atlantica, Sweden

Youngest Crew – Mir, Russia

Most International Crew – Maybe, UK

Communications Award – Sorlandet, Norway (with a special mention to Pogoria and Urania)

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