A reunion of Race Directors – 55 years and counting

21 December 2012

A reunion of Race Directors – 55 years and counting
John Hamilton, International Goodwill Ambassador and past Race Director, visited Sail Training International’s office in Gosport today. John now lives in Canada and was visiting the UK  this month  so took the opportunity to visit his former office in Gosport.

John joined the Sail Training Association (STA) in 1975 as the Assistant Race Director and took over as Race Director the following year before retiring in 1993. He was met by four other Race Directors pictured above. 

Paul Bishop, current Head of Race Directorate said, “It was a great pleasure to see John back in the office today after nearly twenty years. There was lots to talk about and much reminiscing. John made an enormous contribution to STA and the Tall Ships Races and we are still benefiting from his good work, which laid the foundation on how the Tall Ships Races are run today. It was an historic occasion having  five Race Directors all together with a combined 55 years of experience in running Tall Ships Races.”

John Hamilton OBE        (Assistant Race Director 1975 - 76 and Race Director 1976 – 1992)
Paul Bishop                   (Assistant Race Director 1987 – 1993 and Race Director from 2006)
Ron Dadswell OBE         (Race Director 1992 - 1995. 1996 and 2000)
Peter Newell                   (Race Director from 1995)
Mike Bowles  MBE          (Race Director from 2010)
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