A Fond Lisbon Return

21 July 2012

A Fond Lisbon Return

Captains and crews may have noticed that Sail Training International has a new Race Directorate Adminstrator for The Tall Ships Races 2012, Amanda Goodden.

As a key member of the Race Team, Amanda can be found in the mobile race office in each host port and is there to ensure Captains have all of the relevant documentation to take part in the event.

Lisbon is Amanda’s second host port as part of the Race Team but it isn’t the first time she has more than one connection with The Tall Ships Races and its return to Lisbon.

“I was lucky enough to take part in The Tall Ships Races 1982 when I sailed as a cook on board the Lloyd’s of London yacht, Lutine, a Nicholson 55”, says Amanda.

Before taking part in The Tall Ships Races, the longest voyage Amanda had made was just two days meaning life on board Lutine presented a definite challenge.

Amanda recalls: “I had very little sailing experience and was just a little too old to be a trainee so I drew the short straw of being cook!  No matter what the weather was like, I had to do my job as a ship definitely can’t sail without the crew being fed.”

Nevertheless, Amanda rose to the challenge and has fond memories of sailing into Lisbon.

The skipper of Polish vessel Dar Pomorza and skipper of Lutine sailed alongside each other as the crews made a cultural exchange of Polish Vodka and Scotch Whisky.

Amanda explains: “The exchange was a lovely end to the Race as we sailed into Lisbon under the Vinte Cinco De Abril bridge and truly in the spirit of international understanding!”

The ethos behind The Tall Ships Races is very much focused on friendship and the sharing of different cultures.  This is the reason why Amanda decided that a career move to Sail Training International would be one that she would undoubtedly enjoy. 

Commenting on her return to Lisbon, Amanda said: “It’s great to be back in Lisbon.  Who would have thought that 30 years ago I would be back as part of the Race Team and presenting prizes to the international trainees and crew after such a fantastic and inspired crew parade.

Lisbon is a fantastic host port and I would very much like to relive memories from this year’s event when The Tall Ships Races hopefully return in the future.”

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