Wylde Swan Wins Friendship Trophy

06 August 2011

Wylde Swan Wins Friendship Trophy

The final prize giving ceremony for The Tall Ships Races 2011 took place in the sunny Swedish city of Halmstad this evening in front of cheering Captains, crews and public as the Race Series concludes.

The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Halmstad and President of Szczecin, the Polish city and presenting sponsor of The Tall Ships Races, who congratulated winning Captains and crews in addition to presenting prizes.

The most prestigious award of The Tall Ships Races, Sail Training International’s Friendship Trophy, presented to the vessel who contributes most to international understanding and friendship during the Race Series, was won by Dutch vessel Wylde Swan

Wylde Swan’s international crew is becoming very familiar with Sail Training International’s prize giving stage as they also won first in Class A for Race Three as well as first in Class A for the entire Race Series.  Their winning streak began in Lerwick when they picked-up an award for making the most impact during Cruise-in-Company before going on to win Race Two from Lerwick to Stavanger both in class and on the water. 

The Friendship Trophy was accepted in what has become recognised as true Wylde Swan spirit, singing and dancing all of the way.

A Jolie Brise

The UK’s Jolie Brise won the entire Race Series of The Tall Ships Races 2011.  The competitive Captain, Toby Maris, took the entire crew on stage to accept the award who pushed their reluctant Captain forward to lift the trophy much to cheers and delights of the crew and crowd.

A poignant moment of the prize giving ceremony was delivered by the Captain of Tomidi who dedicated his award to his wife Patricia, who sadly passed away two years ago.  The Belgium vessel was third in Class D for Race Three and first in class overall for the entire Race Series.

Please see below for the full prize list for the final leg and Race Series.

Class Prizes donated by The Tall Ships Races 2011 Host Ports of Waterford, Greenock, Lerwick, Stavanger and Halmstad.

Class A:

  1. Wylde Swan, Netherlands
  2. Stad Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Dar Mlodziezy, Poland

 Class B:

  1. Jolie Brise, UK
  2. Liv, Norway
  3. Tecla, Netherlands

 Class C:

  1. St Iv, Estonia
  2. Spaniel, Latvia
  3. Dar Szczecina, Poland

 Class D:

  1. Akela, Russia,
  2. Gigi, UK
  3. Tomidi,Belgium

First vessel to cross the finish line: Akela, Russia

First Vessel Overall on Corrected Time: Jolie Brise, UK

Special Prizes donated by Sail Training International

Youngest Crew - Atlantica, Sweden (average age of just 19.15 years)

Most International Crew - Mir, Russia - Crew from 14 nations (Russia; UK; Belarus; Ukraine; Latvia; Philippines; Sweden; Angola; Norway; Finland; Germany; Poland; Estonia; Lithuania)

Communications Award - Eendracht, Netherlands (Special mention to Sirma)

Special Prizes donated by the Municipality of Halmstad

Best Crew in Crew Parade: Dar Szczecina

Race Series Prizes donated by Sail Training International

Torbay Cup Winner: Kieren Maxwell, Spirit of Fairbridge

Kieren was described by his Captain as someone who always goes an extra mile to help, is involved in everything and would like to use the skills he has learned to do more sailing.  His Captain added that The Tall Ships Races experience has helped to develop him personally and he demonstrated an amazing ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds.  He was a super asset to the Spirit of Fairbridge team and someone with huge potential for the future.

The Sail Training International Friendship Trophy for the vessel has contributed most to international understanding and friendship during The Tall Ships Races 2011: Wylde Swan.

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