Stormy Stories from the High Seas

21 August 2012

Stormy Stories from the High Seas

Trainees and crews arriving into Dublin port report back on their experience of sailing across the stormy Bay of Biscay, in the final leg of Tall Ships Races 2012.

“It was stormy from the first day we left A Coruna.  We waited for good weather but the waves were still six - seven metres high.  We were sick, aching and green and it lasted for two days.”  
Ehaterina,  19, from Russia – sailing on Akela (Russia)


“On the third day it was such a relief to have calmer waters so we could eat properly.  When we first sailed into the Irish Sea the sun came out and it was the sea that was green, not us!”
Valeriya, 19, from Russia – sailing on Akela (Russia)


“We experienced seven metre waves and everything was moving around below deck and it was difficult to go to the bathroom.  We had a special competition to find the Vomit Guru; it helped us to feel good about feeling bad.   It was scary for two days and felt like being in a washing machine.”
Linda, 22, from Finland – sailing on St Iv (Estonia)


“We were surfing the waves a lot of the time and had armies of dolphins following the boat.  That really helped with morale – they were jumping two metres out of the water.  They helped to take your mind off of feeling sick.  

“We ate porridge every morning.  One day it was so thick we broke the spoon! “
Steven, 21, from Belgium – sailing on St Iv (Estonia)


“An epic week afloat. 54 knots of wind, five metre seas, three days of huge seas, broken sails mended, more broken things mended. Managed seven knots under a staysail for a while ... phew! Fabulous, amazing, wonderful times...great to be back! Tall ship and sailing - I've missed you!!”
Kirsty Layton – sailing on Pelican of London (UK)


More information about the intentions of vessels, their current situation and when they plan to arrive at Dublin port can be seen here.


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