Sea Turtle Rescue by Three Masted Bark EUROPA

29 June 2012

Sea Turtle Rescue by Three Masted Bark EUROPA

Rotterdam – June 27th 2012. On long ocean voyages you get to see all different kind of things floating at sea. So did one of the crewmembers on board the Bark EUROPA while sailing on the Atlantic Ocean from Ascension Island to Horta on the Azoren. High up in the mast he spotted cluttered plastic. Once nearby all crew on board saw it was not only plastic but also a giant sea turtle trapped into it. It took two crewmembers to free the turtle from its terrible trap, but finally he was free and dived directly to the depths of the sea. Turtle liberated, job well done!

On her way to the Tall ships Races 2012 starting in St. Malo the Bark EUROPA makes several long ocean voyages. The journey started in Cape Town, South Africa via St. Helena and Ascension Island, UK and Horta on the Azoren. Arrival in St. Malo is on July 5th 2012 after more than two months of ocean sailing.

On the Bark EUROPA there is always a look out on the fore deck or in the rigging. Not only to spot other ships but also to spot odd things drifting in the sea. Usually when an object is spotted the ship will change its course to be able to pick it up. Such thing happened as well in the case of the turtle trapped in plastic.

Crewmember Spike: “ I was busy working high up in the mast on one of the sails when a white bundle bobbing on the ocean surface caught my eye. I could not see the turtle then; that was a big surprise to find when we got closer. The first plan was to pick the plastic up to be able to discard it in the next port. However now there was a turtle involved we could not get it on board. We decided to get into the water and free the animal. It took two of us to do the job.

Once it dived we were very glad. It means that the animal was not hurt too bad by the whole situation.”

In the meantime the ship is getting closer to St. Malo. With good winds and new trainees on board she sails the last leg to St. Malo. Here a fleet of Tall Ships gathered for the start of the Tall Ship Races 2012. This event is a unique opportunity to take part and join the crew in this international fleet. Follow the ship, log book of the captain and adventurers on board, on

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