Race Start Delayed 24 Hours

26 August 2012

Race Start Delayed 24 Hours
The inaugural Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta has been delayed by 24hours but it hasn't stopped the tall ships from taking part in a spectacular Parade of Sail today (look out for a photo gallery later) as the fleet said a sad farewell to Dublin and this year's race series.

The fleet will now go their separate ways fulfilling other sailing commitments except for 11 tall ships who will take part in the Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta from Dublin to Liverpool.

Unfortunately the start of the race has been delayed by 24 hours due to the weather.  Mike Bowles, Sail Training International's Race Director for the Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta commented on the decision: "The anticipated depression that's coming has meant that we have taken the decision to delay the start by 24 hours to enable the fleet to compete in better sailing conditions for the ship and crew."

There will now be a two hour start window from 18.00hrs - 20.00hrs (local time) which will see the 11 competing vessels cross a virtual start line.  Each Captain will be responsible for reporting the start time to Sail Training Interational's Race Communications Officer who will be monitoring to check the time and position given correspond with Yellow Brick trackers.

The Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta is different to a typical tall ships race as the winner of the regatta will be the ship that has covered the most distance.

The course has been designed with imaginary waypoints in place with vessels only allowed to travel one way to a waypoint.  The Communications Officer will request every vessel to report their position twice a day along with their previous waypoint and intended waypoint. If a communications report is missed, a 'Standard Distance Penalty' will be issued at discretion of the Race Committee rather than a traditional 'Standard Time Penalty' used for The Tall Ships Races 2012.

Assistant Race Director, Harry Allaway, who has designed the course commented: "We wanted to create a race which would give Captains' the chance to make challenging tactical decisions of how they can maximise their ability to cover a greater distance than any other vessel. It will provide greater scope for exciting racing between Dublin and Liverpool by extending the distance of the race."

The Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta will finish at 12.00hrs (local time) Wednesday 29 August 2012 with the fleet due in Liverpool by 12.00hrs (local time) Thursday 30 August 2012.

To find out how each tall ship is progressing register to follow the fleet for live tracking (updated hourly) or for a list of the official interim results updated twice a day, CLICK HERE

The 11 competing vessels are: Pelican of London, UK; De Gallant, Netherlands; Johanna Lucretia, UK; Kapitan Borchardt, Poland; Maybe, UK; Tecla, Netherlands; Black Diamond of Durham, UK; Challenge Wales, UK; Prolific, Norway; St Iv, Estonia and Tomidi, Belgium.

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