Race Report 7 - Change at the top!

05 August 2010

Race Report 7 - Change at the top!

Its all change at the top at the 06:00hrs reporting schedule today with long-time overall leader Jolie Brise (UK) being knocked down to second place by Norwegian gaff ketch Wyvern (pic)Sorlandet (Norway) has moved up to third place overall, all on corrected time.  

There have been changes in the classes too, with Sorlandet, Christian Radich (Norway) and Alexander von Humboldt (Germany) in first, second and third place respectively in Class A, all on corrected time.

In Class B, Wyvern leads from Jolie Brise, with Tecla (Netherlands) maintaining her third position.

Placings remain the unchanged in Class C, with Dar Szczecina (Poland) leading with Black Diamond of Durham (UK) in second place, and Spaniel (Latvia) remaining in third position, all on corrected time.

In Class D, Endorfina (Poland) leads Hansa (Spain) with Lietuva (Lithuania) in third position, all on corrected time.

Hansa, Lietuva, Dasher (UK), Tomidi (Belgium), Challenger 2 (UK), Challenger 4 (UK), Spaniel (Latvia) and Dar Szczecina have all finished and are making their way into Hartlepool, where vessels will be arriving throughout the day, including Class A ship Dewaruci (Indonesia), who always makes a spectacular entrance.

As the race finish has been brought forward, Class A vessels will finish the race today at 12:00 UTC/GMT  (13:00 local time), Class B vessels at 12:15 UTC/GMT, Class C vessels at 12:30 UTC/GMT and Class D vessels at 13:00 UTC/GMT.

Provisional results will be available here once all ships are in port and final results announced when declaration forms have been submitted and reviewed by the race committee in Hartlepool.

View tracking via satellite on The Tall Ships Races 2010 (updated two-hourly - please note this is a pilot system and not all vessels are currently showing up on the system. For a full update of positions please refer to the tracking and placing links below). 

View tracking via twice daily updates

View fleet current placings

To see more images from The Tall Ships Races, click here.

The Tall Ships Races, presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International.

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