Parade of Sail Tomorrow

28 July 2012

Parade of Sail Tomorrow

Thousands of visitors are patiently queueing for a final opportunity to board the Tall Ships before the fleet leave in the Parade from Cádiz tomorrow. 

Undocking will commence early afternoon so that all vessels are ready to start the Parade of Sail at 15.30.  as the fleet prepare to take a break from the race series for a cruise-in-company. 

The Spanish Navy Ship Vigía will be at anchor for crews to salute as they say goodbye to Cádiz.  The fleet will form an arrow formation in ten blocks of four ships and two blocks of six ships. 

Spanish vessel Juan Sebastian de Elcano will lead the parade and the proceeding blocks will be headed by Amerigo Vspucci, Dar Mlodziezy, Mir, Guayas, Sagres, Creoula, Santa Maria Manuela, Alexander Von Humboldt II, Europa and Pogoria.  The final block to leave will include Pelican of London, Hossana and Roncudo.

Thousands of people are expected to watch from the fantastic local beaches as the fleet follow the course below.



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